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Animal Assisted Therapy

Youth testimonial

 I have known Catie Bear for a little more than a year now. Seeing her makes me smile. I remember this one time I was upset and did not want to talk to anyone. Catie jumped on me and kissed me. I was sad and mad but she made me smile. It took some time, a whole lot of kisses but then I started talking to people and they helped me too. That was a really hard time in my life. I am thankful to Catie for helping me through this time.

The benefits of animals cannot be overstated. Their work in hospitals, court system and beyond is phenomenal. Liana Urichuk Ph.D. and Denis Anderson's book on Animal Assisted Therapy speaks further to these benefits.

Youth testimonial:

The thing I love most about Jofi is that I can pet and tell her my worries. Jofi does not tell anyone. I trust her.  She loves me and I love her too. Jofi is a good friend. Like me, Jofi has been through so much in her life. I am happy when I get to see Jofi, she is important to me.

The benefits of animals is not extended only to dogs but also to horses. Equine Assisted Learning has proven an effective means to support individuals in their healing journey. Stephanie Lockhart's Success Ranch is a collaborative program that works with Cyndi Gray's Somatic Art Therapy to support the wholistic treatment process. Please check out Stephanie's website here.

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