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Meet The Dogs!


Catie is a Yorkshire Terrier. She was adopted in May 2010 and began working at Ranch Ehrlo Society on her second day home. Catie has worked with over 1,000 young people in her career and continues to take pride in her achievements. She can be a bit grumpy now that she is older and does not care for the mail carrier. She loves being petted and offered treats when people come to see her at the studio.


Please meet Jofi who is a Miniature Schnauzer. Jofi began working at Cyndi Gray Art Therapy in 2015 and has happily attended her job since. Jofi is a dog who often believes she is a human. She prefers to be petted over treats and will often paw at people to pet her.  She does not like strollers, dogs who walk too closely to the studio and sometimes, the mail carrier. She can easily be distracted with a few pets or treats, depending on the day. Jofi is excited to meet you!


Jaxon is a Bernese Mountain Dog who doubles as a social butterfly. He began working at the studio in November of 2017. He loves to be the centre of attention and will often push the other dogs away to ensure he receives all of the love from those who attend services. Jaxon enjoys his dog toys, walks, winter weather and his ball. He has a short memory and often asks for a second treat feeling that he was slighted. He can be redirected with toys and enjoys squeezing them to make noise. Jaxon is very proud of all of his achievements. 



Annie is also a Bernese Mountain Dog who began working at the studio in January 2018. While Jaxon is a social butterfly, Annie is working to come out of her shell. She is easily bribed with treats and loves to be petted once trust has been established. Annie is a soft soul who is equally gentle and kind.  

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