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The road to becoming a Registered Art Therapist

I became a Certified Art Therapist in July 2013 after I had achieved a Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Social Work. Much like my earlier accomplishments I knew I wanted to achieve the registration status. But, the question is what is the difference between a Certified and Registered Art Therapist. A Certified Art Therapist attends an accredited educational program such as VATI for the required period of time achieving credits to pass courses and become certified. A Registered Art Therapist has already achieved the certification aspect, partakes in intensive supervision by a Registered Art Therapist and has extensive client face to face hours. The Registered Art Therapist is insured and licensed to practice in Canada. They may also supervise students if they have a Master's degree where as a certified therapist cannot. In short, a Registered Art Therapist has sought to have their experience and education measured in order to achieve the status. If you require further information on this subject matter please do not hesitate to contact the Canadian Art Therapy Association.

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