Tribute to a great friend


Lizzy was born in January 2015. She was a curious pup who loved to spend time with her people. In time those people included the many visitors to the Cyndi Gray Art Therapy studio. More than any of the three dogs that work at the studio, lizzy loved her work and took her role seriously. She focused attention on welcoming people into the studio, helping them to feel connected, offering emotional support and providing general happiness. She was never sad, ever. Play and receiving massages, with a great deal of pets was her mission.

Each day Lizzy went home with Cyndi and her husband, Jim to their acreage. She loved running free and living her life to the fullest. Unfortunately she ran onto a side road where she tragically died. Lizzy's memory lives on in us all. Those who loved her have written her letters, poems, created art in her memory, planted flowers, shared memories and shed more tears than one can comprehend. Her loss is felt by all who had the opportunity to meet her.

The breeder who had Lizzy had a batch of puppies just hours after she died. We are hopeful to have a new puppy come and work with us in the studio and carry on not only Lizzy's memory but also her love for helping those who are so vulnerable. If anything we are left with a message from this wonderful dog: Live your life as though each day is your last, be happy, smile and love with all of your heart.

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