Welcome Jaxon!

I have always enjoyed working with a dog in my practice and wrote about this connection in many of my educational papers, final reports and a thesis. Animals offer us a sense of comfort in which a human cannot. Although I deeply care for everyone who comes to the studio for service, it simply would be wrong for me to sit on their feet, paw at them and gently kiss their face. Somehow a dog’s behavior is welcomed and in most cases, expected. Many great theorists wrote about the effect animals have on people including Freud who used his dog, Jofi in his daily practice. The human animal relationship has been studied over the years helping us to further understand the changes in human brain chemistry simply by being close to animals. This research has been at the core of the movement to invite animals into settings in which they may offer support.

Catie working at Ranch Ehrlo

Through the years I have worked with both dogs and cats. I began this work by bringing my beloved Yorkie, Catie (pictured above) to work with me at Ranch Ehrlo Society where she offered her service for four years. Catie almost never missed a day of work unless she was critically ill. Together with my clients we celebrated her birthdays, helped her move through the trauma of surgery and loved her each and every minute of her work day. She made her way into the hearts of the staff at Ranch Ehrlo and to this day is fondly remembered by many.

When I moved into private practice Jofi (pictured below) came to join us and she too presented many gifts to those walking through the doors. She is a calm dog who simply enjoys attention and loyally sits beside clients waiting patiently (while pawing) for attention. Lizzy, my Bernese Mountain Dog, on the other hand, sat on clients feet and was sure to push Jofi out of the way to make her presence known. Lizzy was bold, she was caring and was excited to be at work every day. She did not want time off unlike Catie who, as she aged, preferred the solace of being at home or simply with her parents.

Whether it was Catie, Jofi or Lizzy each of the three dogs and the cat, George has been loved by one or all people entering the studio. Each person was impacted by the tragic and sudden loss of Lizzy on September 3, 2017.

So now we welcome two and one half month old Jaxon to work at the studio. He has a great deal of learning to do in our time together. He is ambitious and excited to meet people and has discovered that humans are the source of treats, affection and complete entertainment. Jaxon will be on his third day of work as of today. This blog is to welcome him into the fold and to see how his work will eventually unfold.

First day of work

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